Frequenty Asked Questions

What does the "Building From Within" part of your logo mean?

It's one of my favorite topics. Ultimately, it signifies that every lasting change, improvement or growth can only come from within ourselves. In the context of physical fitness and wellness, we can only really change our bodies as we change from within. We can only purify our bodies as we purify our inner chambers. For instance, if you exercise strictly for the "wrong" reasons (i.e. to keep up with the Jones's, to impress your peers and so forth), you will not feel the level of true and lasting satisfaction that comes from good total health. Another more direct and tangible example is with your choice of food: You cannot fully enjoy good health if you sabotage your exercise habits by eating junk. So - our goal here at the Club is to put the elements of "wholeness" in to the picture as we go about working on our fitness or health. Obviously, we are not qualified nor equipped to deal with every facet of human life, be it physical or mental, but we can certainly do much to enhance people's understanding of the above, as well as help you implement these principles.

What are your rates, Lasse?

Very reasonable, and from 1 day and up. We do not “lock you in” to extensively lengthy agreements and leave the choices totally up to you. We are also more than happy to give them to you over the phone or over the front desk without “high pressure sales tactics”. We pride ourselves in being fair and reasonable and expect the same from our members.

Can we try out your club to see if we like it?

We have a free 3 day complimentary pass we are happy to give anybody who asks for it. This pass is for local residents with ID and who have not previously had a Spirit membership.

How come you call it a "Family Club?"

We do so because it is and we want it to be a family club. We have very liberal age limits at Spirit, very reasonable family rates and we are -for a town of Cedar's size- extraordinarily well equipped even for people that come in smaller sizes! We do, for instance, offer kids Karate for children from the age of 5 and up. We also offer a highly successful fitness program for seniors over 65 ("Silver Sneakers" and "Silver & Fit").

Why do you have a dress code?

To keep a certain standard of decency, modesty and cleanliness. We are not out to put restrictions on your ability to work out, but we do recognize that many are put off by some people's "exposure" of their bodies. This is simply not what our club is all about. If you have to work out half naked, our club is not for you. That being said, we have never enforced our dress standard (which simply requires at least a t-shirt and a towel when working out in the gym) to a point where we've had to offend anybody. The dress code kind of takes care of itself.

What is the Personal Training/Program Room?

The Personal Training/Program room is separated from the main gym area, giving users a little more privacy, and it is equipped with exercise machines from MED-X, a company that specializes in manufacturing high end rehab/fitness machines. Some of the MEDX machines are quite unique (i.e. Hip Extension, Torso Flexion), and they all are equipped with a double weight stack system which permit very small (2 lbs) weight increment changes. The machines also have a very advanced leverage system, making them unbelievably smooth to operate. You can use this room for a small monthly fee upgrade if you so choose.

What is a Personal Program?

This is a very reasonable way to receive some professional guidance in designing an intelligent fitness or wellness program. You will have an initial "interview" with me, Lasse- where we discuss your goals and needs. I will then design a program for you on our Personal Program card, teach you what to do and how to do it. We will then typically "cycle" your program 3-4 times a year. I only do Personal Programs for individuals who are committed for long term (min 12 months) health.

Why are some of your machines in Kilos, Lasse? Don't you know you are in America?

Yeah, how hard can it be? The Teca machines and some of the fixed barbells and dumbbells are made in Italy and come in kilos. In my "previous" life in Norway (I had two health clubs there) I had Teca machines exclusively. I was so happy with them that I decided to go with them here in the U.S. as well. If you need to convert the weight to lbs for peace of mind, just remember that there is approx. 2.2 lbs to a kilo.

How do your Saunas work?

They are consumer operated. From a cold start, they typically take 10 minutes or more to get up to temperature. Simply turn on the time dial and temperature control and enjoy.

How do you get the sound from the TV's?

You simply use an FM receiver (from your phone) and dial in the appropriate channel as shown under the TV. One of the advantages of having this system as opposed to one that is wired on to every cardio machine is the superior reliability. Also, your FM receiver is something you can use wherever and whenever.

What is Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit?

The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program and Silver & Fit are offered in partnership with select health plans at no additional cost for certain Medicare-eligible members. In addition to a basic membership, we offer special classes as outlined on the class schedule. This is a very successful program and we also invite our regular senior members the opportunity to participate in these classes as long as we have room.

Who did your outside wall sculptures/pictures?

His name is Jacob Dean. He is a local artist who loves to work with metals. He can be reached @ 531-3478.

How come your are not open on Sundays, Lasse?

Because we are closed. Seriously, I believe in keeping the Sabbath Holy and decided long time ago that I would not compromise on this.